Sample build file (taken from the example-build.xml file in the /doc folder of the source):

<project default="dist" xmlns:jw="org.unintelligible.antjnlpwar">
    <-- Declare the Ant Web Start task -->
    <typedef resource="org/unintelligible/antjnlpwar/antjnlpwar.xml" format="xml" uri="org.unintelligible.antjnlpwar"/>
    <target name="dist">
        <-- Create a distributable WAR archive of the application using the following attributes:
         * tofile: the destination WAR file
         * codebase: where the application will be deployed to
         * title: the application name
         * vendor: your company name
         * pack200: create pack200 archives for quicker client downloads
         * signStorePass: the password to your Java certificate store (used to sign the jars)
         * signAlias: the name of the certificate to use (used to sign the jars)

            title="Application Name"
            vendor="Vendor Name Goes Here"
                <-- Add a normal and a short description -->
                <jw:description>This is the descriptive text for the product</jw:description>
                <jw:description kind="short">This is a short descriptive text for the product</jw:description>
                <-- Add an icon for the application -->
                <jw:icon file="path/to/icon.jpg"/>
                <-- Show a splash screen when the application launches -->
                <jw:icon kind="splash" file="path/to/splash.jpg"/>
                <-- Specify the minimal version of Java required by the app, along with
                 some command-line arguments -->

                <jw:j2se minVersion="1.4" args="-Xmx250M">
                    <jw:j2seProperty name="MyApplicationProperty" value="myApplicationPropertyValue"/>
                <-- Add the libraries used by the application -->
                <lib dir="path/to/application/lib/folder">
                    <include name="**/*.jar"/>
                <-- Specify the main class for the application,
                 and the jar it is located in (can be duplicate from the lib element) -->

                <jw:application mainclass="my.application.MainClass" jar=".path/to/application.jar"/>


Users can access the application throught their browser by following a link to the path of the deployed WAR archive (which should be the same as specified in the codebase argument to the jnlpwar task); using the example above, this would be